People usually have so many health complaints but the biggest one is to have lower energy levels. This is a matter of discussion because if you cannot manage desired energy level in your body then you will find it difficult to manage your work throughout the long hectic day. Note that, feeling tired is a natural process as it is a signal that you body need to regain but sometimes your body may demand few additional help for energizing itself. Well, you cells make lots of struggles to keep you active whole the day and they suffer lots of damage while making your drained. That is why experts these days recommend few essential supplements to assist you body in collecting right force to stay active for long run. The best trick is to have supplements that ensure good results for health instead of creating side-effects. Below are some of the best options that can make your body energetic for long run as per the latest updates for new supplements:


Hormones are responsible to regulate the metabolism process inside body and it also helps to release biochemcials that are essential for energy generation. Iodine is the major component used by Thyroid for development of two major hormones- thyroxine and truuodothynonine; both of these are further responsible to control other hormones. So it is essential to improve your iodine intake for proper regulation of essential hormones. You can prefer to consume sea vegetables, sea food and dark leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is required for energy metabolism inside the energy cell but if your body does not have this vitamin in required amount then you will suffer more side effects. It is important to make efforts for improving your intake to products that offer B12; the best recommendation is dietary sources, red meat and essential B12 supplements.


This hormone gets released from pineal gland inside human body and it is responsible to influence proper metabolism rate inside body. People who lack in presence of Melatonin are more likely to suffer with troubles like fatigue and brain aging issues. In order to balance your melatonin level, you must include more diet products that boost melatonin production. Lack of melatonin can lead to reduced blood sugar levels, disrupted energy levels and cause harmful effects on your body weight too.


Here is one more essential supplement for healthy heart, improved nerve function and proper muscle alignment. You should add food items that contain higher source of magnesium, the list includes: quinoa, avocados, beans, sesame seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds and raw spinach and many more.


This popular herb works efficiently for reducing stress, physical exertion and anxiety. Researchers prove that people who consume higher level of Ginseng are able to maintain higher energy levels while improving abilities of their cognitive function. You can easily find so many Ginseng supplements in market that can improve the results over night. Pick few high quality products to have better results.